Neurology and TH

Neonatal Neurology & Therapeutic Hypothermia Workshop

Workshop Coordinators

National Coordinators
Name: Dr. Vishnu Bhatt
Designation: Professor of Pediatrics at PIMS, Pondicherry.
Name: Dr. Prakash Amboiram
Designation: Professor & HOD, Department of Neonatology.
Local Coordinators
Name: Dr. B. Sudha,
Designation: Consultant Neonatologist, NICE Hospital, Hyderabad.
Date: 12th December 2019
Venue: NICE Hospital - 2, Red Hills




Faculty and Details

Dr. Vishnu Bhat

Professor of Pediatrics at PIMS, Pondicherry.

Dr. Prakash Amboiram

Professor & HOD, Department of Neonatology.

Dr. Manish kumar

Associate Professor, Department of Neonatology, Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore, INDIA.

Dr. Bharathi

Asst. Prof of Neonatology, St. John’s Medical College Hospital.

Dr. Umamaheswari B


Dr. Sudha

Consultant Neonatologist, NICE Hospital, Hyderabad.

Dr. Uma


Dr. Saravanan


Dr. Razia Kadwa

Consultant Pediatric Neurologist, Dept of Pediatric Neurology, Ankura hospital, Hyderabad.


09:00-09:10 am
Introduction to the workshop
Dr. Vishnu Bhat
09:10-09:40 am
Therapeutic hypothermia: pathophysiology, mechanism and evidence
Dr. Vishnu Bhat
09:40-10:00 am
Selection of cases for therapeutic hypothermia and challenges
Dr. Prakash Amboiram - SRMC
10:00-10:25 am
Methods, monitoring and fine tuning
Dr. Manish kumar
10:25-10:40 am
Tea Break
10:40-10:55 am
Ventilator management during therapeutic hypothermia
Dr. Bharathi
10:55-11:10 am
Hemodynamic concerns during different phases of therapeutic hypothermia
Dr. Umamaheswari B - SRMC

11:10-12:50 pm Workstations I- 25 mins each

1: Cooling using low tech device
Dr. Vishnu Bhat & Dr. Bharathi
2: Cooling using servo control device
Dr. Sudha & Dr. Saravanan
3: Case selection
Dr. Prakash Amboiram
4: Monitoring for complications
Dr. Uma & Dr. Manish kumar
12:50-01:30 pm
Lunch Break
01:30-01:50 pm
Role of Neurosonogram
Dr. Saravanan - NICE
01:50-02:10 pm
Role of MRI
Dr. Razia Kadwa - ANKURA
02:10-02:40 pm
Role of aEEG & demonstration
Dr. Manish kumar

02:40-03:40 pm Work stations II- 30 minutes each All Faculty (Overall- Dr. Vishnu Bhat)

1: Simulation 1- case 1 (case selection)
Dr. Prakash Amboiram & Dr. Razia Kadwa
2: Simulation II- case 2 (Monitoring & counselling parents)
Dr. Uma & Dr. Bharathi
3: Simulation I- case 1 (case selection)
Dr. Manish kumar & Dr. Vishnu Bhat
4: Simulation II- case 2 (Monitoring & counselling parents)
Dr. Sudha & Dr. Saravanan
03:40-03:55 pm
Tea Break
03:55-04:15 pm
Establishing a follow up programme
Dr. Umamaheswari B
04:15-04:30 pm
Recent advances in neuroprotection
Dr. Sudha - NICE
04:30-04:50 pm
Open forum and KAHOOT
Dr. Umamaheswari B
04:50-05:00 pm
Wrap up
Dr. Vishnu Bhat