Conference Topics

Aap Ki Adaalat
  • Medicolegal issues in Neonatology - Perinatalogy scenario based discussion
  • Discontinuation of Intensive CareDISCOINTINUATION OF INTENSIVE CARE
  • LAMA
  • ROP/Hearing
  • HAI
  • HIE & CP
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring in sick neonates
  • Value of Early ECHO in ELBW
  • Point of care Neonatal Ultrasound: What is new?
  • Atypical presentations of congenital heart disease
  • Newer modalities of management in Neonatal cardiology
  • Preterm PDA- when & how should I treat
  • Which inotropes for which baby?
  • Non Septic causes of Neonatal Shock
  • Real time hemodynamic monitoring and data acquistion-development of precision medicine
  • Managing Septic shock
  • Postnatal Steroid use- when and how
  • What is the current status of Caffeine in neonates
  • should we save babies born at less than 26 weeks of gestation
  • ECHO targeted treatment of shock improves outcome
  • What is more important in NICU management- Clinical Exam Vs Gadgets
  • Antenatal steroids in late preterm- to give it or give it up
  • Low tech cooling devices versus Hi tech devices are the same
  • HHHFNC v/s CPAP as a primary support in preterm with RDS
Endocrine and Electrolytes
  • Challenges in management of Dyselectrolytemia
  • Endocrine dilemnas in Newborn- a case based approach
  • Approach to Ambigous genitalia
  • Hypernatremia management
  • Persistent Hypoglycemia Management
  • Glucose levels for interventions- current update
GI, Nutrition & Liver
  • Neonatal Liver disorder - emerging therapies
  • Prolonged Jaundice- a tier system based evaluation
  • Post NICU discharge nutrition
  • FGID- recent advances in management
  • Special Infant formula- what are the indication
  • “Difficult to grow neonates ” – A case based approach
  • The growing interest in Human Milk Banking
  • Probiotics- what is the final verdict
  • Which growth chart to use for assessing postnatal growth
  • GERD- evidence based management 2019 guidelines- case based
  • Neonatal Cholestasis - case based discussion
  • Strategies to optimise fortification in preterm
  • Evidence based enteral nutrition guidelines
  • The Impact of Protein IVN on Development)
HIE Symposium
  • Neuroprotection in HIE- beyond cooling
  • HIE- How do you prognosticate
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia Indian scenarios
  • Bundle practices to reduce blood products transfusion in neonates
  • Platelets transfusion - less is more
  • Blood transfusion and associated Lung, gut, brain injury
  • Approach to the Bleeding Neonate
  • Anemia, Transfusion and NEC- what is the evidence
  • Neonatal transfusion guidelines
  • How do I interpret sepsis screen
  • Neonatal meningitis- evidence base practice
  • Fungal infection- how do I treat
  • Recent advances in diagnosis in Neonatal sepsis
  • Immunization in Neonates- controversies and consensus
  • Sterile Inflammation- case based approach
  • Choosing antibiotics in MDRO
  • CMV- the hidden danger in NICU
  • Perinatal immunisation
  • Perinatal Viral infection- outcome of mother and baby ( case based discussion)
  • Culture negative sepsis
  • Perinatal infection apart from TORCH
  • Guidelines to antibiotic therapy in the NICU
  • Adjunctive therapies in the treatment of neonatal sepsis
Meet The Expert SESSION
  • Improving training program in NICU
  • Learning from mistakes- from masters in Neonatology
  • Innovations in Neonatolgy
  • Devices, Techniques and Methodology
  • Developing colaboration and Networking in NICU across country for data sharing and QI
  • Improving survival of ELBW babies
  • Buying Equipments- what we need to see
  • Infection control practices in NICU
  • Interactive Q & A session infrastructure cleaning and bundles
  • Choosing the right antibiotics and Antifungal
Neurology & Neuro Development
  • Transient events mimicking seizures
  • Floppy neonate
  • Value of neurological examination
  • Acute metabolic encephalopathy
  • Management of Neonatal Seizures-the new, the old and the useless
  • Low tech cooling devices versus Hi tech devices are the same
  • Development: Right tools for early diagnosis of Cerebral palsy for at risk newborn
  • Hypoglycemic brain Injury
  • Neonatal Epilepsy syndrome- treatment dilemna
  • Biomarkers of brain injury
  • Neonatal Encephalopathy therapy- interventions likely to come in future
  • Neonatal stroke
Neonatal surgery
  • Minimal Invasive Neonatal Surgery
  • Modifiable risk factors in NEC
  • Surgical conditions which are missed or misdiagnosed
  • Timing of surgical interventions for common neonatal surgical problems
Perinatal topics
  • Antenatal steroids - friends or foes in Indian scenario
  • Neuroprotection of Fetus- beyond Steroids
  • Rh- isoimmunisation- antenatal diagnosis and interventions
  • Perinatal immunisation
  • Medicolegal aspects of perinatal care- Panel
  • Obstetrics for Neonatologist
  • Birth Injury and outcome
  • Fetal Therapy- Indication & current status in India ( 15 min each)
  • Cardiac
  • TTTS
  • IN-Utero transfusion
  • Risk assessment and preventive strategies for preterm births.
  • PPROM-
  • Antenatal intervention in IUGR
  • Abnormal Antenatal scan - what do you need to know to counsel
  • TTTS, Abnormal doppler, Renal abnormalities Soft USG markers
  • CDH, Cardiac abnormalities, Hydrops, Ventricular dilatation
  • Perinatal Viral infection- outcome of mother and baby ( case based discussion)
Preterm Symposium
  • Problems of late preterm and moderate pre term- a neglected issue
  • Non invasive care of VLBW
  • Phototherapy guidelines for the Preterm
  • Practical tips for implementing Golden Hour in Preterm
  • Evaluating Preterm in Outpatient followup- what every pediatrican should know
  • Approach to Hyperbilirubinemia in Preterm
  • Developmental outcome of preterm babies- the changing scenario
Panel Discussion
  • Brain health in preterm infants
  • Sepsis Mimics: Thinking beyond Sepsis
  • Medicolegal aspects of perinatal care- Panel
  • Brain friendly NICU- how to achive it
  • Cost effective care in NICU - How to achive
Quality Improvement Symposium
  • To reduce Accidental extubation
  • To Reduce ROP
  • Approaches to improve NICU parent experience
  • Quality Initiative for optimum use of Breast milk
  • To acheive Zero NEC
  • Reducing Medication & iatrogenic Errors in the NICU
  • Volume guided Ventilation-why is there gap between evidence and practice
  • Management of CDH- learning from Fetus
  • Surfactant therapy- recent advances
  • Management of preterm infant with Pulmonary Hypertension- what are the challenges
  • Difficult Airway evaluation- interesting cases
  • Rational oxygen therapy
  • Patient- ventilator interaction
  • Oxygen as drug-automated FiO2 adjustment
  • HFOV – emerging latest and advance strategies
  • BPD in 2019- what is new
  • Oxygen saturation what is the final verdict
  • ECMO in Neonates- Indian experience and feasibility
  • Extubation from Ventilator - CPAP vs HFNC Vs NIPPV how to get it right
  • Management of systemic hypotension in term newborn with PPHN
  • Surfactant and Budesonide in preventing BPD
  • Initial Respiratory support for Preterm infant.
  • Recent concepts in Management of RDS
  • Difficult Airway evaluation- interesting cases
  • Neonatal resuscitation with intact cord- should this be the standard of care
  • Neonatal Resuscitation 2020- what is awaited
  • Delayed cord clamping versus Milking - current evidence and future research
  • Cord blood banking- myths and facts
Recent Advances
  • Affordable Heath care technology - what’s new ?
  • Palliative Care fro Newborn- our newborn deserve the respect
  • AI in neonatal ICU
  • Stem cells potential therapy in Neonates
  • NICU transition home services-Are we ready
  • 10 innovations in Neonatology that will lead the future
  • RRT in Neonate- challenges
  • Common Dermatological problems in Neonates
  • Universal hearing screening programme
  • Screening Programme of term baby- beyond metabolic disorder
  • Maternal NICU & Family centric NICU- is it the future of Neonatology?
  • Neonatal Transport- evolving concepts
  • Recently publication which changed our clinical practice
  • ABC of Genetics in NICU
  • Immunization in Neonates- controversies and consensus
  • Non Nutritional Causes of Failure to Thrive
  • How do I manage.: Feed intolerance, Suspected Inborn error of metabolism
  • Treating pain and discomfort- clinical perspective
  • Learning effective Communication- skit
  • Counselling afterlife, Acute deterioration, need for surgery, drug error, Chromosme abnormality)