Selected Award Papers

(B) Paper Category: Award Papers

Research papers are invited in following categories of awards.

(Mandatory: Read the award rules before submission of your paper, which may be obtained from the Central Office on request. The papers not submitted as per award rules will be rejected)

• NNF Gold Medal Award Paper
• Social Neonatology Gold Medal Award

Paper Instructions:
  1. Presenting author should register for conference and should send CONFERENCE ID during abstract submission.

  2. The first author should be less than 40 years as on January 01, 2019 (Please enclosed proof of the age).

  3. Please quote your Central NNF membership number (mandatory).

  4. Papers from non-members will not be accepted.

  5. Only one paper for the award will be accepted from any one Life Member.

  6. The number of authors should not exceed three. There is no age restriction for co-author. 

  7. Any author who has been recipient of the award is not eligible to present the paper in same category, however he /she can be a co-author.

  8. The SUMMARY should not be more than 250 words. Also email copy of summary.

  9. The FULL award paper should be in the style of “Journal of Neonatology”. Click to see sample full text manuscript’

  10. The title of the paper should be brief but adequately descriptive. 

  11. The text of the summary should be structured as far as possible into the following manner:
    (a) Introduction
    (b) Aims & Objectives
    (c) Materials & Methods (including statistical methods where relevant)
    (d) Results
    (e) Conclusions. 

  12. The papers not accepted for award competition will not be presented in any other category.

The last date for submission of award papers in soft copy is 15th October, 2019.



NNF Gold Medal - 1
Dr. Somalika Pal
NNF Gold Medal - 2
Dr. Arunambika Chinnappan
NNF Gold Medal - 3
Dr. Shashi Kant Dhir
NNF Social Award - 1
Dr. Soutrik Seth
NNF Social Award - 2
Dr. Soumalya Chakraborthy
NNF Social Award - 2
Dr. Nitu Mundra